There are many guiding principles to follow when setting up an aquarium for tropical fish. Tropical fish make great pets and having a tropical fish aquarium in your living room or office is good in many ways. With your eyes set on owning a tropical fish aquarium, here are some options worth considering.

Fresh or Salty Water?

The first big decision to make when planning to install an aquarium is the type of water. Costs do play a huge factor when choosing between saltwater and freshwater aquarium. Saltwater aquariums are often more expensive to install, and the fish species might be relatively costly.

Even though salty aquariums are more expensive and require you to do extra work, there are many good reasons why they are trendy. In most cases, especially in the case of reef aquariums, these aquariums are stunning to look at and the fish species are incredible to look at.

Freshwater aquariums are often a perfect option for beginners as they are easy to maintain. There plenty of beautiful tropical fish species that thrive in freshwater, which are not only easy to look at but are stunning to have just like saltwater fish.

Acrylic or Glass

This is another critical decision to make when setting up an aquarium. There are pros and cons associated with each option. From an aesthetic point of view, most people don’t rate acrylic aquariums as high as glass. On the other hand, acrylic is a better insulator than glass. Glass tanks stand a higher of being damaged and are also relatively pricey.

There is nothing like a right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing an aquarium made from one of these materials. You only need to understand your unique preference and choose the material that offers the best properties. For instance, if you have kids around or you want to install the aquarium in areas with high traffic, evaluate the possibility of getting a unit that will stand the test of time.

Setting Up the Aquarium

Once you have an idea of the type of aquarium you need, the next step is to find the right spot to locate your aquarium. The ideal location for an aquarium should be a place with the following characteristics.

  • It should be away from noise
  • The environment should not interfere with water temperatures
  • The location should be away from high light intensities
  • It should be placed on a flat surface

With the right location, the next step should be to set up the aquarium. Saltwater aquariums are set up somehow differently from their freshwater counterparts. Make sure you have all the essentials needed to have the aquarium fully functional and follow the specific setup guide to the letter. The aquarium should be left running for at least 48 hours for all critical parameters to stabilize before putting your fish.

Any hobbyist planning to keep tropical fish should take some time and learn what is expected to rear healthy fish. The tips shared above go a long way in making this pasty time activity a success.