There is undoubtedly a lot to discover when you are new to the aquarium hobby. You need to learn many things, ranging from tank care management to understanding who is who in your aquarium. If you are planning to buy some tropical species for your fish tanks, it helps a lot to know the different types by heart.

Here are some tropical fish species you should consider having in your fish tank.


Danios are a small-sized fish species with bright horizontal stripes. They are known to be sturdy and do well in various conditions. This type of fish ideal to have when starting up a tank, especially when testing the waters. They are not also choosy eaters.

Black Molly

The black molly fish is among the most peaceful species you can have. They are highly prized by fish keepers that want a community tank with different species. Another good thing about black mollies is that they are live bearers. So you can always increase the population of your tank with a male and female pair.

Black Skirt Tetra

Like the black molly, black skirt tetras are known to be very peaceful. They are middle swimmers and hate confrontation. They are passionate eaters and devour almost all types of fish food. You need to add some plants, rocks, and some hiding features for this fish.


If you are looking for fish to add some colour and flair to your tank, betta fish are an excellent choice. They fight with each other, which implies that you should only have one in your tank. They are hardy creatures that are willing to eat flake food or pellets.

Creating an attractive aquarium can be rewarding in many ways. First, you need to have an idea of the type of tropical fish you need and the type of tank that you wish to create. For starters, go for fish that are hardy, and easy to take care of.